KAMPF slitters producing successfully at I PAK

Pleased with the good cooperation!

Pleased with the good cooperation! From l. to r.: Mr. Kafil Shaikh, CEO K-Group Mr. Taimoor Iqbal, Chairman I PAK Mr. Amir Rezai, Senior Sales Manager KAMPF Mr. Naveed Godil, CEO I PAK

A KAMPF primary slitter type Universal 89/12 BOPP and an Unislit II 630 slitter especially for metallized film are already running successfully at Packaging Films Pvt. Ltd. (I PAK), in Lahore, Northern Pakistan.The innovative manufacturing company I PAK faced the growing demand for packaging material in the northern region of Pakistan and decided to enlarge its product portfolio. Therefore I PAK invested recently in a new 8.7 m wide BOPP Line. The slitting equipment for the new production site was ordered again from KAMPF: Two high capacity roll slitting and winding machines. Both are characterized by high performance parameters. Amir Rezai, Senior Sales Manager KAMPF:” Both machines meet the demanding requirements of I PAK and guarantee best quality and flexibility.”Kafil Shaikh, CEO Kgroup Agency in Pakistan’’ It is a first BOPP line in Lahore and it helps the local convertor to get the material of high quality just in time, as I PAK is managed by experienced professional people”. Taimoor Iqbal, Chairman I PAK and Naveed Godil, CEO I PAK agreed. The excellent cooperation and expert advice from KAMPF in exchange with the IPAK specialists was the key to the successful realisation of the project.

Image (KAMPF) Pleased with the good cooperation!

KAMPF Alu Team is satisfied with the Aluminium China fair resonance

As every summer, the Aluminum China Fair took place in Shanghai again this year. During three days interested visitors from China and many other countries get information about the latest developments in the aluminum industry. KAMPF’s sales team also welcomed many long-standing business partners, as well as some new prospective customers at the stand within the German Pavilion. Not only in China, but also in other Southeast Asian countries, there are some projects in which KAMPF, as market leader in the field of slitting and winding technology, can supply the appropriate machines. Not least due to these new projects we can be satisfied with the fair.

Image: (KAMPF) The KAMPF team at Aluminum China 2017

The KAMPF team on the aluminum China 2017

The KAMPF team at Aluminum China 2017

“Long night of industries” at KAMPF

On June 29, 2017, the „LANGE NACHT DER INDUSTRIE“ (Long night of industries) took place in the Oberberg region. KAMPF Schneid- und Wickeltechnik participated in this event for the first time and welcomed about 100 registered visitors. The guests experienced on guided tours the modern training workshop, the technology center and the new assembly hall. In order to give the visitors an idea about slitting and winding, the moderators focused not only on the impressing machines, but also on the use of the web-shaped materials that KAMPF customers produce on the high-tech slitting and winding machines. Films made of various plastics, as well as aluminum and papers are used not only for packaging of foodstuffs and pharmaceutical products. For example, the usage of films was impressively presented by displaying a hybrid vehicle type BMW i8: in the safety glass, as a display or decorative film, and especially in the electronic components such as capacitors and the modern lithium batteries. Not imaginable without materials produced on KAMPF machines.

Welcome to KAMPF at Chinaplas 2017

Die KAMPF Schneidmaschine Universal für 1500 m min und 10, 8 m Bahnbreite klein

KAMPF Universal slitter for 1,500 m/min and 11 m material width

Chinaplas 2017, Guangzhou, China, 16.05. – 19.05.2017
The Chinaplas is the largest plastics and rubber trade fair in Asia and widely recognized by the industry as one of the most influential exhibitions in the world.

In Guangzhou, KAMPF presents a comprehensive range of services around the slitting and winding technology for web-shaped materials and displays an expanded portfolio which exceeds the core competence “slitting and winding”. Using the slogan “Beyond Slitting and Winding” KAMPF as the leading manufacturer of slitting and winding machinery introduces new products and developments for future production to meet the increasing market demands. These include topics like: industry 4.0, networking and automation, complete and new detailed solutions to improve operation and productivity to name only a few. Visitors will be able to discover numerous novelties at KAMPF’s booth this year.

Main topics:

  • New technologies for processing of battery films
  • Slitting and winding technology for flexible films, flexible packaging and optical films
  • New KAMPF life cycle service benefits: Highlight here: The KAMPF Academy
  • KAMPF will present its new integrative platform th@vanced

Booth No. 5.1A63

KAMPF Conslit to Global Films Barcelona

GlobalFilms, Spain has installed a Conslit made by the German company Kampf Schneid- und Wickeltechnik to expand its capabilities and increase its performance. The project was characterized by a good cooperation and the strong support of the KAMPF representation Jagib S.L. in Spain. Prior to the order placement specialists from Global Films thoroughly examined a Conslit slitter in the KAMPF technology center.

Global Films Barcelona (GFE) is located near Barcelona, Spain for more than 25 years, and has had warehouses in Porto, Portugal for 6 years, and a recently opened one in Milan, Italy. GFE’s target markets are paper lamination, food, labels and overwrap industry. GlobalFilms distributes and slits films such as BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, and other products specific to each of these markets.

The Spanish company is fully “service” focused, in the meaning of offering their costumers the most reliable deliveries from single reel up to full tracks or containers. The main aims are flexibility, accuracy, capability, quality and in addition: committed service.

•Good cooperation f. r. t. l. Daniel Sanchez, Agent Spain, JAGIB S.L., Jordi Florensa, CEO Global Films, Xavier Florensa, COO GFE, Georg Waitz, Sales Manager KAMPF

• Good cooperation f. r. t. l. Daniel Sanchez, Agent Spain, JAGIB S.L., Jordi Florensa, CEO Global Films, Xavier Florensa, COO GFE, Georg Waitz, Sales Manager KAMPF

When GlobalFilms decided to expand the slitting department of the company all of the above mentioned criteria were considered. The Conslit slitter, which was commissioned last year in Spain, is already the third slitter from KAMPF, among them one machine with a double turret rewind system.  The machine improves GFE’s performance and quality, with high flexibility and excellent slitting quality. The new unit increases the capabilities to work with materials up to widths of 2,000 mm and parent rolls with maximum diameter of 1,200 mm. GFE’s 2,500sqm Spanish warehouse now has a slitting capacity of 1,000 MT to offer more than 300 different material specifications with a thickness range from 0.008mm to 0.5mm with almost all type of sizes and requirements.

Hopefully GFE’s customers and partners will enjoy the advantages of this high value equipment. Georg Waitz, sales manager KAMPF summarizes: “The Conslit slitter meets exactly the requirements of GlobalFilms: reliability, less downtimes, high speed and the well-known robustness especially with the widths of 2 m“.

Images: (KAMPF)

  • Good cooperation f. r. t. l. Daniel Sanchez, Agent Spain, JAGIB S.L., Jordi Florensa, CEO Global Films, Xavier Florensa, COO GFE, Georg Waitz, Sales Manager KAMPF
  • The bestseller KAMPF Conslit creates flexibility
The bestseller KAMPF Conslit creates flexibility

The bestseller KAMPF Conslit creates flexibility

ICE Award for innovative partnerships goes to KAMPF

A KAMPF world premiere at ICE Europe in Munich

Wow – simply amazing!

Many visitors of the ICE show in Munich held from the 21st – 23rd March agreed: It was very worthwhile to come to the KAMPF booth. They got a chance to experience live a genuine industry 4.0 product: The integrative platform the@vanced is a new instrument for increasing efficiency, not just regarding the slitting and winding technology, but the entire production process.

And the winner is …

The success for KAMPF was already evident on the first day of the show: Not only did more visitors than ever show their interest at the KAMPF booth – but also CEO Lutz Busch was able to receive the ICE Award for the “Innovative Partnerships” category. “We are very proud to receive this prize,” said the CEO of KAMPF, and summed up the message of the KAMPF-Converting 4.0 network: “Together we are stronger”.

Maik Krüger, Head of Strategic Product Management, KAMPF, was delighted to present the new platform to the visitors: “Who would not want to be well informed of the status of his production at any time? Comprehensive information provides the user a complete overview and enables him to initiate the correct measures and to read the results exactly. the@vanced makes information out of production data and from this information “knowledge” and thus in real-time. This allows the user to react quickly and to make predictions.”

Analyzes are provided in real-time, comfortably displayed – anytime, anywhere. In addition, the@vanced offers numerous smart services, which further improve the effectiveness and the processes. For example, manuals, spare parts lists, machine drawings and much more are available directly.

The transforming of KPC into the@vanced!

Already at ICE europe 2015, KAMPF had asked the specialist industry to enter into the dialogue on industry 4.0. At drupa 2016, first impression followed on the topic smart maintenance concepts and at the K 2016 KAMPF presented the prototype of the product, which was then communicated under the project name KPC.

The exhibit at the KAMPF booth in Munich, the roll doctor KRD II, was used for data production during the exhibition to enable the live presentation of the@advanced. Some well-known and innovative companies from the world of slitting and winding technology, such as BST eltromat, Neuenhauser Vorwald and Paul & Co, were part of the so-called network start-up. Their products or components are already networked in the@advanced. Dr. Donatus Weber, Manager Innovation & Industry 4.0 KAMPF: “the@vanced is a platform to link systems, machines and companies. It is important to us to inspire further people from innovative companies along the value chain here in Munich in order to share the industrial idea with us. KAMPF with the@vanced platform is open for it!”

And the hype on the KAMPF booth and the interesting conversations showed that the industry is ready for it!

We thank all visitors for their interest and openness!

(thanks to Mack Brooks) The happy winners! Managing Director Lutz Busch proudly receives the award

(thanks to Mack Brooks) The happy winners! Managing Director Lutz Busch proudly receives the award

ICE europe starts in Munich tomorrow. A world premiere at KAMPF booth!


The transforming of KPC into the@vanced

Live demonstration at KAMPF booth A6 514! Come and see!

It is worthwhile to visit the KAMPF booth at the ICE 2017. You can experience a real industry 4.0 product – LIVE: the integrative platform the@vanced is a new tool to increase efficiency, not just regarding the slitting and winding technology, but of the entire production process.

KAMPF supplies four machines to Vacmet, India Ltd.

conslit_2016_cmyk unislit_ii_2016_cmykThe leading plastic film manufacturer Vacmet is planning to set up a new plant for the production of BOPP films in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, at the Ujjaini site at the end of 2017. The new BOPP line will produce films for the packaging industry. KAMPF supplies four machines for this demanding project: one primary slitting machine type Universal, two secondary slitting machines type Unislit II and one compact roll slitting machine type Conslit. Amir Rezai, Senior Sales Manager KAMPF: “Vacmet’s high quality demand was the main reason for the decision to award the order to KAMPF. Vacmet ordered four machines last year for their BOPET expansion plan which is also coming in Central India and likely to come into production beginning of year 2017. Vacmet currently operates more than a dozen slitter machines at their other manufacturing plant of north India. All machines are characterized by high-performance parameters and reliability and guarantee best quality.” Founded in 1993, Vacmet India supplies its products to more than 80 countries around the world and is producing not only BOPP films but also polyester films and special coated films. The new production facility supplements four existing plants at Mathura in North India. In Europe, Vacmet is represented by a sales office in London.

Images: (KAMPF)

KAMPF Unislit II for film producers and converters

The KAMPF Conslit offers maximum flexibility