KAMPF Alu Team is satisfied with the Aluminium China fair resonance

As every summer, the Aluminum China Fair took place in Shanghai again this year. During three days interested visitors from China and many other countries get information about the latest developments in the aluminum industry. KAMPF’s sales team also welcomed many long-standing business partners, as well as some new prospective customers at the stand within the German Pavilion. Not only in China, but also in other Southeast Asian countries, there are some projects in which KAMPF, as market leader in the field of slitting and winding technology, can supply the appropriate machines. Not least due to these new projects we can be satisfied with the fair.

Image: (KAMPF) The KAMPF team at Aluminum China 2017

The KAMPF team on the aluminum China 2017

The KAMPF team at Aluminum China 2017

“Long night of industries” at KAMPF

On June 29, 2017, the „LANGE NACHT DER INDUSTRIE“ (Long night of industries) took place in the Oberberg region. KAMPF Schneid- und Wickeltechnik participated in this event for the first time and welcomed about 100 registered visitors. The guests experienced on guided tours the modern training workshop, the technology center and the new assembly hall. In order to give the visitors an idea about slitting and winding, the moderators focused not only on the impressing machines, but also on the use of the web-shaped materials that KAMPF customers produce on the high-tech slitting and winding machines. Films made of various plastics, as well as aluminum and papers are used not only for packaging of foodstuffs and pharmaceutical products. For example, the usage of films was impressively presented by displaying a hybrid vehicle type BMW i8: in the safety glass, as a display or decorative film, and especially in the electronic components such as capacitors and the modern lithium batteries. Not imaginable without materials produced on KAMPF machines.