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KAMPF hands over NAO robot to Homburger Gymasium Nümbrecht partner school

NAO, the new humanoid robot classmate

Living and working together with robots is not only a reality in science fiction films and books. In the computer science lessons of the Homburger Gymnasium Nümbrecht this is soon everyday life, because NAO, the humanoid robot, is a new and special classmate. Or is NAO a new teacher?

On Saturday, 30 November 2019, KAMPF Schneid- und Wickeltechnik GmbH & Co. KG handed over a robot type NAO to the Homburger Gymnasium Nümbrecht as part of the “Open Day” event.

The machine manufacturing company from Wiehl/Mühlen has been a cooperation partner of the grammar school since 2012. The support of the machine manufacturer ranges from numerous offers such as internships, accompanied project tasks, assessment center training and much more to the provision of Lego Mindstorm construction kits. The aim of the company is to arouse young people’s interest in technical professions in a variety of ways. After the successful use of Lego Mindstorm construction kits in class, KAMPF now makes the next step and offers a practical insight into the possibilities of artificial intelligence thanks to the equipment of NAO. Axel Pitsch, head of HR at KAMPF, wants to intensify the cooperation with the school, because: “For us this support is an investment in our future. If boys and girls develop their interest in technology and decide on a MINT career with us, they stay in the Oberberg region or return here after their studies. As a result, we as a company and the entire region benefit from well-trained specialists.”
NAO will presumably be used in the Informatik-AG’s (Arbeitsgemeinschaften). With NAO, robotics – today already an integral part of many production processes – can be taught in a student-friendly way. NAO is a fully programmable robot which, in addition to teaching subjects such as programming, control technology, etc., also promotes creativity and problem-solving skills. The contents of all MINT subjects can be optimally taught in conjunction with the corresponding training materials. With fun and variety, it prepares students for careers in the digital future.

Pictures (KAMPF)

In front of NAO’s watchful eyes and the visitors of the school festival Heinrich Thorwesten tells how important it is that children and teenagers get the chance to try themselves out early and get to know modern key technologies like artificial intelligence through NAO, the robot, in a playful way.


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Converting 4.0 – W&H hosted the network meeting

The converting 4.0 network met for the fourth time to discuss the various aspects and opportunities of digitization. After the launch in November 2017 at KAMPF, further meetings followed at the partner companies codecentric and Inometa in 2018 and early 2019. Meanwhile, about 80 companies are connected in this open network. The meetings take place regularly in different constellations.

Now Windmöller & Hölscher AG had invited to Lengerich in November. Almost 100 people from 42 companies and 5 countries accepted the invitation. New event formats and venues always provide exciting impulses and offer the participants space for a change of perspective and an open exchange.

From 13th to 14th November 2019, the experts met with the motto “networked value chain”. The interdisciplinary group of participants consisting of board members, managing directors, sales specialists, technicians, product managers, product developers and of course “data enthusiasts” had an intensive programme on their agenda.

“We are incorporating the results of previous events into the current format and want to interact with our committed partners across company and system boundaries. The new blog is just one example of direct communication,” says Maik Krüger.

Joint project as a new impulse

KAMPF, W&H and Brückner used a podium discussion to share and intensively discuss the joint project “Digital Role Protocol” (DRP), which had already been presented at K’2019, with their partner companies. From the raw film material to the finished product ready for sale, important data from each production step can be collected and exchanged across machine and manufacturer boundaries using special identification numbers.

This technology offers many new possibilities for the film manufacturing process. Better traceability in the event of a reclamation, automated machine setting or optimisation of important setting parameters. Downtimes, rejects and thus production costs can be reduced.

2.5 hours of full speed in the extrusion and printing machines technology centre

Within the setting of a network fair as speed dating format, nine companies presented their focus topics around networking on the basis of prepared questions. “Time boxing” at 12-minute intervals – a challenge for all participants to get to know the different topics and to actively participate in the presentation with questions and suggestions.

The following companies took part in the speed-dating challenge as exhibitors:

  • BST Eltromat
  • Paul & Co
  • Erhardt und Leimer
  • Teratron
  • Koch Robot Systems
  • codecentric
  • Point 8
  • Simco

It goes on …

KAMPF celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2020. Reason enough to bring the network meeting back home and to celebrate with the partners. “It will certainly be a little different again with new formats, but active cooperation and networking will continue to be the focus,” says Dr. Stephan Witt.

Thanks to W&H for the perfect setting, the great organisation and the open cooperation!

Impressions of the Converting 4.0 – Network Meeting