KAMPF sponsors a modern robotics room for the Gesamtschule Waldbröl


Technology teacher Can Geles (left) joins Heinrich Thorwesten (3rd from left), headmistress Kirsten Wallbaum-Buchholz (2nd from right), Gudrun Mattig (right) and current and former robotics students in celebrating the new possibilities. (Photo: Andreas Dohm)

On Monday, January 27, the opening of the new robotics room at the Waldbröl Comprehensive School took place. KAMPF Schneid- und Wickeltechnik GmbH & Co. KG provided the equipment for this course room. The mechanical engineering company from Wiehl/Mühlen has been a cooperation partner of Waldbröl Comprehensive School since 2012. The cooperation programme is based on a comprehensive catalogue of measures, which includes internships, accompanied project tasks, assessment centre training, consulting and much more. KAMPF thus arouses interest in technical professions among young people in many different ways.

KAMPF has now taken the next step with the technical equipment. Pupils can now easily enter the world of “physical computing” with the new Rasberry Pi Education Set. They can realize their own project ideas with the help of computer-controlled sensors, buttons or LEDs. The minicomputer has its own interface for this purpose; for example, the robot arm provided can be connected to this interface and much more. The programming equipment is complemented by 3D printers and furniture – shelves, tables and colorful chairs – and a whiteboard.
The Raspberry Pi is a mini-computer on a card sized circuit board that can be expanded in many ways. It was developed for learning and demonstration purposes, but is also suitable for various private or professional applications. It was originally designed to give young people an easy introduction to programming and computer technology. The Raspberry Pi quickly found a large fan base and was used for a wide variety of applications. The Raspberry Pi has almost unlimited applications.

Images: KAMPF and Andreas Dohm

A new computer room was also inaugurated to introduce students to Arduino programming

The students proudly present their projects

The idea of arranging the workbenches in the technical room as “islands” for group work was brought along by teacher Can Geles from his visits to the KAMPF training workshop

Students in the 7th and 9th grades work together in teams to realize their ideas.

Teachers Can Geles (left) and Heinrich Thorwesten (right) in the newly equipped robotics room

KAMPF hands over NAO robot to Homburger Gymasium Nümbrecht partner school

NAO, the new humanoid robot classmate

Living and working together with robots is not only a reality in science fiction films and books. In the computer science lessons of the Homburger Gymnasium Nümbrecht this is soon everyday life, because NAO, the humanoid robot, is a new and special classmate. Or is NAO a new teacher?

On Saturday, 30 November 2019, KAMPF Schneid- und Wickeltechnik GmbH & Co. KG handed over a robot type NAO to the Homburger Gymnasium Nümbrecht as part of the “Open Day” event.

The machine manufacturing company from Wiehl/Mühlen has been a cooperation partner of the grammar school since 2012. The support of the machine manufacturer ranges from numerous offers such as internships, accompanied project tasks, assessment center training and much more to the provision of Lego Mindstorm construction kits. The aim of the company is to arouse young people’s interest in technical professions in a variety of ways. After the successful use of Lego Mindstorm construction kits in class, KAMPF now makes the next step and offers a practical insight into the possibilities of artificial intelligence thanks to the equipment of NAO. Axel Pitsch, head of HR at KAMPF, wants to intensify the cooperation with the school, because: “For us this support is an investment in our future. If boys and girls develop their interest in technology and decide on a MINT career with us, they stay in the Oberberg region or return here after their studies. As a result, we as a company and the entire region benefit from well-trained specialists.”
NAO will presumably be used in the Informatik-AG’s (Arbeitsgemeinschaften). With NAO, robotics – today already an integral part of many production processes – can be taught in a student-friendly way. NAO is a fully programmable robot which, in addition to teaching subjects such as programming, control technology, etc., also promotes creativity and problem-solving skills. The contents of all MINT subjects can be optimally taught in conjunction with the corresponding training materials. With fun and variety, it prepares students for careers in the digital future.

Pictures (KAMPF)

In front of NAO’s watchful eyes and the visitors of the school festival Heinrich Thorwesten tells how important it is that children and teenagers get the chance to try themselves out early and get to know modern key technologies like artificial intelligence through NAO, the robot, in a playful way.


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Awarded “Best Trainee” and “Best Training Company”.

(KAMPF) Proudly received the IHK awards: Sandra Zernicke and Janosch Ott (from left to right)

Janosch Ott became “IHK-Best“

On 4th November, the Cologne Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) honoured the top trainees for 2019 in Hall 32 in Gummersbach. They all had completed their training at companies in the Oberberg region this year with the overall mark “very good”. IHK Vice President Michael Pfeiffer handed over honorary certificates and small presents to the “best” after his speech together with Michael Sallmann, head of the IHK office in Oberberg.

Janosch Ott, who completed his training as an industrial clerk with us in January, received his award together with 70 other top trainees. We congratulate him on his outstanding performance, especially as he is completing a combined course of study in the field of industrial engineering and management.

In his speech, the President of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce thanked in particular the trainers in the companies and the teachers at the vocational schools for their dedicated work with young people. KAMPF also received special recognition in this festive setting: the IHK certificate for outstanding achievements in vocational training. Sandra Zernicke accepted this award on behalf of our company.

For us, the IHK award is a confirmation of our training methods and our commitment. It is not only important to pass on knowledge and skills, but also to give our trainees a high degree of personal responsibility and to encourage them to work independently. We can be proud of this, because taking an above-average exam is not easy.

After his final examination, Janosch Ott was hired in the order processing department, where he works as an employee in the work preparation department and is continuing his joint studies.

(KAMPF) We received the certificate for outstanding achievements in vocational education and training.

IHK Cologne elected the „Trainer of the Year 2017“.

(IHK Cologne / Ulrich Kaifer) Award ceremony IHK Cologne “Trainer of the Year 2017”.

We are very proud!

Good training depends crucially on the lifeblood of motivated trainers. In order to honor their commitment, the Cologne Chamber of Industry and Commerce regularly announces the “Trainer of the Year” competition.

This year on November 11th, the IHK had invited five finalists and their companions to Cologne to award the winner of the “Trainer of the Year 2017”. Josef Stinner was one of the five nominees who was eagerly awaiting the announcement of the winner.

A jury of experts selected the five nominees and finally the winner from a field of approximately 50 applicants. In addition to the main competition, in which this jury decided, there was also online voting this year. Interested parties were able to take part in the public vote for the audience award on the website of the IHK Cologne. The IHK Cologne presented video portraits of all five finalists as a decision-making aid.

These short films, supplemented by a brief profile of the instructors, were presented to the audience before the award ceremony.

Josef Stinner and winner Linda Drexler of Hotel Hyatt Regency were head-to-head in the online voting for the audience award, said Christopher Meier, Managing Director of Training and Further Education at the IHK Cologne. The jury then awarded Michael Jonas from Atlas Copco Energas GmbH as “Trainer of the Year 2017”.

The award ceremony of the IHK brings the performance of all trainers into the public eye. Companies sometimes invest a lot of time and money in their training programs. In addition to other factors, the quality of these depends very much on the personal commitment of the trainers. In recent years, a lot has changed in the training sector. Digitization and new production processes lead to the creation of new training profiles, trainees taking on completely different tasks in the companies and the use of new media for knowledge transfer. Trainers are more challenged than ever before. Even though Josef Stinner did not come in first place…”We are proud of his nomination and are pleased about the recognition of the IHK and the audience and of course about the apprentices who took part in the video portrait. They described their trainer as a trusting partner, role model and specialist who is fully committed to his trainees, who motivates them and makes learning processes alive with modern training methods, such as learning in practice and in teams. A confirmation and a great praise for the performance of Josef Stinner and the entire training team – and for an education in which learning, and teaching is not only prescribed but already implemented in this rapidly changing world.

Pictures (IHK Cologne / Ulrich Kaifer) Award ceremony IHK Cologne “Trainer of the Year 2017”.

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German Business Founder Award for Students

Business concepts

KAMPF-partner schools participating again

Business concepts and theories will be presented by two teams of students from the Waldbröl School at the „German Business Founder Award for Students”. With the support of Kampf experts, these young adults have completed the first of a total of nine challenging tasks. Last year KAMPF tutored one of the teams from Waldbröl. These students came in 6th place out of the 1060 that participated. Due to the successful outcome and great collaboration efforts, Kampf has decided to guide two groups of students for this year. The German Business Founder Award for Students is the largest national business start-up game for young people. It is organized annually by founders Stern, Sparkasse, ZDF and Porsche. In this internet-based competition, student teams (from 16 years of age) transform their ideas into fictitious business concepts including business plans and market strategies. In the end, it may not be the most creative product that wins but the most credible brand that receives the nationwide award.

Image: (Juliane Werner, Deutscher Gründerpreis) Business concepts