KAMPF becomes a member of the R-Cycle consortium

Slitting and winding are decisive process steps in the production and processing of belt-shaped materials. Kampf Schneid- und Wickeltechnik GmbH & Co. KG is a leading expert in this field since 1920. KAMPF now represents another important partner in the R-Cycle consortium on its way towards mapping the entire value chain of plastic packaging.

Following the approach of R-Cycle, all process participants – from the raw material to the finished product to the recycling plant – will be able to read recycling-relevant data, add to it and transmit it to the downstream processors. This creates a data set that can be read out during waste sorting via so-called digital watermarks. Based on this information, more precise waste fractions can then be formed for the production of higher-quality recyclates.

“The digital and cross-company connection of production units has enormous potential to ensure the traceability of recyclable plastics. Therefore, we want to close a link in this chain at an early stage in order to take another step towards circular economy,” explains Lutz Busch, CEO at KAMPF.

Dr. Benedikt Brenken, Director R-Cycle Initiative, adds: “With KAMPF we are gaining a very experienced partner in the field of plastic film processing. Together we will continue to develop the connection of converting machines to the R-Cycle database in order to ensure the seamless data transfer between all participants in the value chain.”


Kampf Schneid- und Wickeltechnik experiences the 100th anniversary differently than expected

(Image KAMPF) f. r. t. l. Lutz Busch, CEO and Dr. Stephan Witt, COO. Many thanks to employees, business partners and customers on the occasion of the 100th anniversary. The KAMPF chronicle, which was recently created for this special event, shows the unique development of the company.

100 years focus on innovation

October 1st is the hundredth anniversary of the foundation of Kampf Schneid- und Wickeltechnik GmbH & Co.KG from Wiehl /Mühlen. The year 2020 should be a special year for KAMPF. “We would have liked to celebrate our 100th anniversary adequately over two days with all employees, business partners and other guests from politics and associations. Unfortunately, the events around Corona put a damper on our plans. We had to cancel the celebrations”, says Lutz Busch, CEO of the company. Due to the still uncertain situation, there will unfortunately be no further planning. Nevertheless, the company is happy, because overall it has come through the past months surprisingly well. The measures introduced early on protected the employees. Online meetings and digital solutions replaced partially travel activities and service assignments. Customers remained loyal to the machine manufacturer in these turbulent times, so that the order situation can be rated positively. “We are grateful for the trust of our worldwide customers and for the fact that our employees have gone through the Corona year unscathed so far,” adds Lutz Busch. “For 100 years KAMPF has stood for innovative slitting and winding technology. ‘Made by KAMPF’ means reliability, quality and productivity. We are proud of this.”

KAMPF is the world market leader for slitting and winding machines for a wide range of web materials. On its way to becoming a solution provider, the company aims to further optimize the efficiency of its customers’ production through the interaction of networked machines, automation, digitalization and comprehensive service lines.

(Image KAMPF) Connects the past with the future of the KAMPF company: The company chronicle, which the employees and KAMPF pensioners receive on the anniversary day. The preserved order books from the founding years provided valuable information to fill the first chapters of the chronicle.


(Image KAMPF) What began in 1920 with the pioneering work of founder Erwin Kampf has developed into an internationally positioned, future-orientated company thanks to consistency, foresight, courage and continuity. Last but not least, the energy and technical fascination of the people who work and have worked here have made up the success of the KAMPF company, which has now lasted for a century. Here is a view into the entrance area of the Wiehl/Mühlen headquarters.

Paper drinking straws – made on KAMPF machines


One-way articles made of plastics will largely disappear from the market in 2021. This requires a new way of thinking for a large number of products.

One of these products are drinking straws: originally made of straw and now largely made of plastic, they have been increasingly replaced by paper straws for about 2-3 years.

KAMPF already built the first slitter especially for this application for an American customer in 2018 and subsequently fine-tuned how the processes within the machine can be further improved.

The machines are capable to handle slit widths of barely 7.8 mm upwards – which means that sometimes more than 80 webs run side by side.

KAMPF’s ConSlitter series of machines meets the high demands on slitting quality, roll build-up and stability at high running speeds: Today’s Conslit III as well as its successor ConSlitter CHRO BlackLine are equipped with automatic cross-cutting and splicing systems, which not only make working on the machine much easier, but also much more efficient. In addition to several machines already delivered, KAMPF is now building others for international customers..

KAMPF has already delivered many of these machines and is currently building more for international customers.

Here the highly flexible KAMPF ConSlitter processes material for paper drinking straws

On the flag: KAMPF – Innovative for 100 Years

2020 is the centenary of the foundation of KAMPF

On the occasion of the 100th company anniversary of Kampf Schneid- und Wickeltechnik this year, the managing directors Lutz Busch and Dr. Stephan Witt raised a new flag with the motive “Innovative for 100 Years” at the entrance of the company premises in Wiehl/Mühlen a few days ago. The employees are proud of the unique company history, as KAMPF has been advancing the development in slitting and winding technology with courage and new ideas for 100 years and are the world market leader in this business for good reason.

Images (KAMPF)

f. l. t. r. Dr. Stephan Witt, COO and Lutz Busch, CEO


Two KAMPF slitting machines for recyclable films

Plastchim-T, one of the five largest European manufacturers of high-quality films and flexible packaging, ordered two slitting machines from KAMPF: a PrimeSlitter type Unislit II 630 and a PrimeSlitter type Universal 74/12 BOPP. The Unislit II 630 will already be delivered to Bulgaria in August this year, the Universal 74/12 BOPP will follow in March 2021. The machines complement the latest investment of the Bulgarian company in a new BOPP/BOPE line. This line will produce conventional packaging films and so-called “high barrier” films. A special process enables the films to be coated in the nano-thickness range and these ultra-thin layers do not interfere with sorting in the subsequent recycling process. Film manufacturers have to face the challenges of sustainability, recycling and closed loop recycling management. Plastchim-T’s goal is to produce packaging solutions with good sorting capability in waste separation and optimum recyclability. With its flexible production line and the high-performance slitting machines Unislit II and Universal, Plastchim-T is ideally positioned to achieve this goal. KAMPF also supports its customers in the development of new recyclable materials and their processing through intensive consultation and test runs in the in-house technology center.

Image: KAMPF


Film manufacturers have to face the challenges of closed loop recycling management.



One tree for every year

Lutz Busch, CEO and Dr. Stephan Witt; COO are committed to colourful variety and plant one of the 100 trees themselves.

Investing in nature is very worthwhile

Currently, KAMPF is busy digging and gardening. Teams of gardeners are planting native, site-appropriate trees on the entire company premises. The 100th anniversary of the company is casting its shadow – and therefore exactly 100 trees find their new place.

The company management’s primary concern with this investment is not to “dress up” the headquarters for the festivities in September this year. Rather, they want to set an example of sustainability and the preservation of biodiversity. Consequently, wildflower meadows and so-called insect hotels round off the tree planting campaign. In a few years, employees will benefit from the more attractive environment, especially during the warmer season, when they spend their breaks outdoors. And last but not least, the location design is the company’s figurehead, which customers will notice, when visiting the headquarters in Wiehl. The forest around the company premises has suffered severely in the recent past due to storms, bark beetles and drought. That is another good reason to reforest for the next 100 years.

Image (KAMPF) Lutz Busch, CEO and Dr. Stephan Witt; COO are committed to colourful variety and plant one of the 100 trees themselves.

Kampf LSF: Lithium ion technology – VIP visit to Japan

Lithium ion technology is booming in Europe. Young startups such as the Swedish Northvolt as well as established companies from the automotive industry and related areas like TESLA, CATL, Volkswagen etc. are overturning with announcements to set up battery cell factories in Germany and Europe in very ambitious schedules. Some of these announcements are already being implemented. This fits in with the announcement by the European Commission to fund a “European Battery Alliance”. Funding in the billions have been released for this.

The manufacturing technology of such large-format battery cells is a marathon run and mainly consists of roll-to-roll processes. Starting with high-precision winding and coating technology via calandering and slitting processes, the tasks for mechanical engineering are interesting and varied. Until now, the heart of this machine technology had been beating in Asia (Japan and Korea), the Kampf group, together with its parent company Jagenberg AG, recognized the signs of the times early on and reached out in search of partners, finding the Japanese coating system manufacturer and market leader Hirano Tecseed from Nara. As part of a first joint project, this partnership with Hirano has now been further strengthened and expanded through discussions with the Japanese trading company Itochu SysTech Corporation. On this occasion, a visit by Dr. Erich Bröker, the CEO of Jagenberg AG, Dr. Stephan Witt (COO Kampf corporate group) and Dr. André Mecklenburg (managing director of Kampf LSF GmbH) in Osaka and Nara took place. Here very constructive discussions with Mr. Matsumoto (President and CEO of Itochu SysTech Corporation) and Mr. Okada (President Hirano Techseed) have been carried out. Next to others Dr. Broker explained how the “exploding” battery market in Europe could be served even better by a common approach and the integration of other Jagenberg companies. The return visit to Krefeld has also already been scheduled and will take place in January 2020.


Images (Kampf LSF) The pictures show the visit to the Hirano Tecseed production facility in Kyoto Prefecture, which was built in 2019, and Dr. Bröker together with Mr. Okada during a meal together.

KAMPF hands over NAO robot to Homburger Gymasium Nümbrecht partner school

NAO, the new humanoid robot classmate

Living and working together with robots is not only a reality in science fiction films and books. In the computer science lessons of the Homburger Gymnasium Nümbrecht this is soon everyday life, because NAO, the humanoid robot, is a new and special classmate. Or is NAO a new teacher?

On Saturday, 30 November 2019, KAMPF Schneid- und Wickeltechnik GmbH & Co. KG handed over a robot type NAO to the Homburger Gymnasium Nümbrecht as part of the “Open Day” event.

The machine manufacturing company from Wiehl/Mühlen has been a cooperation partner of the grammar school since 2012. The support of the machine manufacturer ranges from numerous offers such as internships, accompanied project tasks, assessment center training and much more to the provision of Lego Mindstorm construction kits. The aim of the company is to arouse young people’s interest in technical professions in a variety of ways. After the successful use of Lego Mindstorm construction kits in class, KAMPF now makes the next step and offers a practical insight into the possibilities of artificial intelligence thanks to the equipment of NAO. Axel Pitsch, head of HR at KAMPF, wants to intensify the cooperation with the school, because: “For us this support is an investment in our future. If boys and girls develop their interest in technology and decide on a MINT career with us, they stay in the Oberberg region or return here after their studies. As a result, we as a company and the entire region benefit from well-trained specialists.”
NAO will presumably be used in the Informatik-AG’s (Arbeitsgemeinschaften). With NAO, robotics – today already an integral part of many production processes – can be taught in a student-friendly way. NAO is a fully programmable robot which, in addition to teaching subjects such as programming, control technology, etc., also promotes creativity and problem-solving skills. The contents of all MINT subjects can be optimally taught in conjunction with the corresponding training materials. With fun and variety, it prepares students for careers in the digital future.

Pictures (KAMPF)

In front of NAO’s watchful eyes and the visitors of the school festival Heinrich Thorwesten tells how important it is that children and teenagers get the chance to try themselves out early and get to know modern key technologies like artificial intelligence through NAO, the robot, in a playful way.


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Converting 4.0 – W&H hosted the network meeting

The converting 4.0 network met for the fourth time to discuss the various aspects and opportunities of digitization. After the launch in November 2017 at KAMPF, further meetings followed at the partner companies codecentric and Inometa in 2018 and early 2019. Meanwhile, about 80 companies are connected in this open network. The meetings take place regularly in different constellations.

Now Windmöller & Hölscher AG had invited to Lengerich in November. Almost 100 people from 42 companies and 5 countries accepted the invitation. New event formats and venues always provide exciting impulses and offer the participants space for a change of perspective and an open exchange.

From 13th to 14th November 2019, the experts met with the motto “networked value chain”. The interdisciplinary group of participants consisting of board members, managing directors, sales specialists, technicians, product managers, product developers and of course “data enthusiasts” had an intensive programme on their agenda.

“We are incorporating the results of previous events into the current format and want to interact with our committed partners across company and system boundaries. The new blog is just one example of direct communication,” says Maik Krüger.

Joint project as a new impulse

KAMPF, W&H and Brückner used a podium discussion to share and intensively discuss the joint project “Digital Role Protocol” (DRP), which had already been presented at K’2019, with their partner companies. From the raw film material to the finished product ready for sale, important data from each production step can be collected and exchanged across machine and manufacturer boundaries using special identification numbers.

This technology offers many new possibilities for the film manufacturing process. Better traceability in the event of a reclamation, automated machine setting or optimisation of important setting parameters. Downtimes, rejects and thus production costs can be reduced.

2.5 hours of full speed in the extrusion and printing machines technology centre

Within the setting of a network fair as speed dating format, nine companies presented their focus topics around networking on the basis of prepared questions. “Time boxing” at 12-minute intervals – a challenge for all participants to get to know the different topics and to actively participate in the presentation with questions and suggestions.

The following companies took part in the speed-dating challenge as exhibitors:

  • BST Eltromat
  • Paul & Co
  • Erhardt und Leimer
  • Teratron
  • Koch Robot Systems
  • codecentric
  • Point 8
  • Simco

It goes on …

KAMPF celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2020. Reason enough to bring the network meeting back home and to celebrate with the partners. “It will certainly be a little different again with new formats, but active cooperation and networking will continue to be the focus,” says Dr. Stephan Witt.

Thanks to W&H for the perfect setting, the great organisation and the open cooperation!

Impressions of the Converting 4.0 – Network Meeting