I am part of a “healthy” company

KAMPF received in 2012 the AOK/BGF Health Prize

KAMPF received in 2012 the AOK/BGF Health Prize

To reduce work-related health risks is an important management task today. Long-term success cannot be achieved instantly, but by a sound and long-term oriented Health Management (OHM) program. KAMPF pursue a holistic approach with occupational health management, which includes improvement in management culture, adjusting between private and professional life as well as age-appropriate work. Our aim is to raise awareness and make a lasting impression. Our driving force was not due to a high sickness level but an intention to increase the well-being of our staff with small achievable steps. This would result in a situation that only proves to be beneficial to all involved.

How exactly does this work in practice? The year 2013 was marked by a Health Day in Mühlen and Dohr. A main focus was on spinal health of our employees and what measures should be taken to staying healthy. To adhere to ergonomic measures at work we use so-called „Bewegungs-Scouts“ (in-house trainers). These trainers offer 10 minutes of joint training sessions twice a week with a focuse on back exercises. We understand the importance of providing these sessions during business hours outside of employee breaks.

These trained Occupational Therapists offer inspiration and motivation to as many employees as possible.

Since our program is always evolving, we are teaming up with our partners BGF (Association for Workplace Health Promotion) & AOK Rheinland/Hamburg, in creating the curriculum for the coming years. Here we discuss not only serious topics such as addiction prevention, early diagnosis of stroke, heart attack and skiing screening but also exciting health programs for our trainees. All topics are always characterized by a high sense of responsibility following the slogan “to inform without distressing” We are assisted by the Medical Centre Oberberg (WAZ) and by specialists of the German Sport University Cologne.

Concept and implementation belong together. We have started this health management program under the guidance of BGF, AOK and WAZ and are carrying out all their suggested measures and activities. Here we first find out the needs and then the members of the “Health Working Group”, decide jointly on the measures that should be taken. Important factors and results are evaluated scientifically and sometimes medically and practically for a sustainable development. The anonymously authored results will be presented in the health information near the black boards and in the future on the internet, intranet and social network. Now we look forward to feedback from the workforce as this project is to promote not only the physical health but also the satisfaction of the employees.

20 % of our employees already take active part in actions of the KAMPF Health Management Program. This is a good value, they say. However, we want more than this! In the future, we will make the occupational health management more transparent, so that the number of participating employees will increase steadily.

Well organised heathcare day provided very valuable suggestions

„This was really a great project!“ The overall response to this 3rd Kampf healthcare day was very positive. On November 29th, 2011 the “Working Group Health“ together with the cooperation partners offered different actions to bring the Kampf-employees in motion. Nearly all activities were booked due to the high number of application. Of particular interest were the join-in stop „Medi-Mouse“ – a radiation free measurement of the spinal column and the muscle function test.
Under the motto “Mach mit – Schritt für Schritt”, the Nordic-Walking group returned from the 3 km test track. The competent introduction into this sport as well as the fun of movement convinced even the skeptics.

This initiative will continue in the following days. All participants received a pedometer and the one who will firstly reach 50.000 steps can rejoice about Nordic walking sticks.

The organisation team was happy: “The resonance and the feedback were very good. Even colleagues from our nearby locations took part. We are pleased to report that the healthcare day at our location in Dohr on November 18th, 2011 was also highly successfully. Nearly 100 per cent of the colleagues followed the call “Bleib fit – mach mit”.