KAMPF becomes a member of the R-Cycle consortium

Slitting and winding are decisive process steps in the production and processing of belt-shaped materials. Kampf Schneid- und Wickeltechnik GmbH & Co. KG is a leading expert in this field since 1920. KAMPF now represents another important partner in the R-Cycle consortium on its way towards mapping the entire value chain of plastic packaging.

Following the approach of R-Cycle, all process participants – from the raw material to the finished product to the recycling plant – will be able to read recycling-relevant data, add to it and transmit it to the downstream processors. This creates a data set that can be read out during waste sorting via so-called digital watermarks. Based on this information, more precise waste fractions can then be formed for the production of higher-quality recyclates.

“The digital and cross-company connection of production units has enormous potential to ensure the traceability of recyclable plastics. Therefore, we want to close a link in this chain at an early stage in order to take another step towards circular economy,” explains Lutz Busch, CEO at KAMPF.

Dr. Benedikt Brenken, Director R-Cycle Initiative, adds: “With KAMPF we are gaining a very experienced partner in the field of plastic film processing. Together we will continue to develop the connection of converting machines to the R-Cycle database in order to ensure the seamless data transfer between all participants in the value chain.”


Paper drinking straws – made on KAMPF machines


One-way articles made of plastics will largely disappear from the market in 2021. This requires a new way of thinking for a large number of products.

One of these products are drinking straws: originally made of straw and now largely made of plastic, they have been increasingly replaced by paper straws for about 2-3 years.

KAMPF already built the first slitter especially for this application for an American customer in 2018 and subsequently fine-tuned how the processes within the machine can be further improved.

The machines are capable to handle slit widths of barely 7.8 mm upwards – which means that sometimes more than 80 webs run side by side.

KAMPF’s ConSlitter series of machines meets the high demands on slitting quality, roll build-up and stability at high running speeds: Today’s Conslit III as well as its successor ConSlitter CHRO BlackLine are equipped with automatic cross-cutting and splicing systems, which not only make working on the machine much easier, but also much more efficient. In addition to several machines already delivered, KAMPF is now building others for international customers..

KAMPF has already delivered many of these machines and is currently building more for international customers.

Here the highly flexible KAMPF ConSlitter processes material for paper drinking straws

Two KAMPF slitting machines for recyclable films

Plastchim-T, one of the five largest European manufacturers of high-quality films and flexible packaging, ordered two slitting machines from KAMPF: a PrimeSlitter type Unislit II 630 and a PrimeSlitter type Universal 74/12 BOPP. The Unislit II 630 will already be delivered to Bulgaria in August this year, the Universal 74/12 BOPP will follow in March 2021. The machines complement the latest investment of the Bulgarian company in a new BOPP/BOPE line. This line will produce conventional packaging films and so-called “high barrier” films. A special process enables the films to be coated in the nano-thickness range and these ultra-thin layers do not interfere with sorting in the subsequent recycling process. Film manufacturers have to face the challenges of sustainability, recycling and closed loop recycling management. Plastchim-T’s goal is to produce packaging solutions with good sorting capability in waste separation and optimum recyclability. With its flexible production line and the high-performance slitting machines Unislit II and Universal, Plastchim-T is ideally positioned to achieve this goal. KAMPF also supports its customers in the development of new recyclable materials and their processing through intensive consultation and test runs in the in-house technology center.

Image: KAMPF


Film manufacturers have to face the challenges of closed loop recycling management.



Kampf LSF: Lithium ion technology – VIP visit to Japan

Lithium ion technology is booming in Europe. Young startups such as the Swedish Northvolt as well as established companies from the automotive industry and related areas like TESLA, CATL, Volkswagen etc. are overturning with announcements to set up battery cell factories in Germany and Europe in very ambitious schedules. Some of these announcements are already being implemented. This fits in with the announcement by the European Commission to fund a “European Battery Alliance”. Funding in the billions have been released for this.

The manufacturing technology of such large-format battery cells is a marathon run and mainly consists of roll-to-roll processes. Starting with high-precision winding and coating technology via calandering and slitting processes, the tasks for mechanical engineering are interesting and varied. Until now, the heart of this machine technology had been beating in Asia (Japan and Korea), the Kampf group, together with its parent company Jagenberg AG, recognized the signs of the times early on and reached out in search of partners, finding the Japanese coating system manufacturer and market leader Hirano Tecseed from Nara. As part of a first joint project, this partnership with Hirano has now been further strengthened and expanded through discussions with the Japanese trading company Itochu SysTech Corporation. On this occasion, a visit by Dr. Erich Bröker, the CEO of Jagenberg AG, Dr. Stephan Witt (COO Kampf corporate group) and Dr. André Mecklenburg (managing director of Kampf LSF GmbH) in Osaka and Nara took place. Here very constructive discussions with Mr. Matsumoto (President and CEO of Itochu SysTech Corporation) and Mr. Okada (President Hirano Techseed) have been carried out. Next to others Dr. Broker explained how the “exploding” battery market in Europe could be served even better by a common approach and the integration of other Jagenberg companies. The return visit to Krefeld has also already been scheduled and will take place in January 2020.


Images (Kampf LSF) The pictures show the visit to the Hirano Tecseed production facility in Kyoto Prefecture, which was built in 2019, and Dr. Bröker together with Mr. Okada during a meal together.

“Create Transformation” – KAMPF’s latest innovation found great interest at the K!

Many thanks to the visitors of our booth!


Eight days as part of the show topic “A World of Pionieers”. The international plastics show K’2019 took place from 16 to 23 October in Düsseldorf.

With the current campaign “create TransFormation” KAMPF communicates its way into the digital future. As a clearly visible sign of the transformation process, KAMPF placed the new ConSlitter series at the center of the K 2019 show presentation. The exhibited ConSlitter CTRU in the new design convinces by reducing downtimes, especially when processing small batch sizes, as well as increasing the production throughput. The KAMPF machines also offer the market comprehensive production solutions. Visitors to the K’ show therefore experienced the ConSlitter CTRU slitting machine as a networked production system: thanks to the integrative platform the@vanced and the possible integration of modular automation concepts. For optimum use of the ConSlitter, KAMPF offers coordinated automation within and around the machine: roll marking systems, palletizing and packaging units, etc.

The new digital services, based on the integrative platform the@vanced, met with great interest: installation instructions, documentation and maintenance assistants are available anytime and anywhere.

the@vanced offers the possibility to network KAMPF machines, to integrate their built-in sensors and additional components and communicates with production planning and control systems as well as with external software platforms. KAMPF presented various application examples based on the integrative platform the@vanced: Communication with a production control system with the transmission of recipes for presetting slitting machine parameters and the automatic positioning of slitting and winding systems. In addition, a digital line and contrast sensor from BST eltromat was also installed in the new ConSlitter, making automatic positioning possible when the production information is transferred.

KAMPF presented the new PrimeSlitter for the first time at K’. It is based on the sophisticated concept of the Universal machines. Working widths of well over 10 m, finished roll diameters of 1,500 mm, speeds of up to 1,500 m/min are the impressive key data of the newly developed PrimeSlitter BlackLine machines. Together with the new design and color concept, the simplified machine operation with optimum accessibility and integrated safety, these features set a benchmark for primary cutting machines.

KAMPF has started a joint project with Windmöller&Hölscher and Brückner on the Digital Rolling Protocol (drp) as part of the topic Industry 4.0. The aim is to develop a common standard with which a drp can be created for each produced roll.

The Kampf Lifecycle Service team gave an insight into the future web shop at the K’ using the exhibited ConSlitter as an example. Interested parties could navigate through the digitalized parts lists of the machine and inform themselves about this new tool.

Kampf LSF showed its extensive product range in special plant engineering and together with the KAMPF specialists presented the latest projects on lithium ion battery technology. Together with Kampf LSF, KAMPF is a pacemaker in the innovative process of manufacturing lithium-ion batteries and forms a competence center with many years of experience in the manufacture and processing of anode and cathode materials and battery separator films.

As a member of the VDMA, KAMPF is also actively working on concepts on the subject of ‘circular economy’ and showed an example of an intelligent solution for optimizing plastics recycling. The exhibited material samples are produced and made available by our customer CCL. Due to its lower density, the special material of the labels enables a clean separation from the PET flakes in order to return unmixed raw materials directly to the recycling cycle. KAMPF supports its customers in the development of such new materials and their processing through intensive consultation and test runs in the KAMPF lab.

The KAMPF team would like to take this opportunity to thank its guests. It was and is a great pleasure for us to be there for you.

KAMPF at the K’2019 – create TransFormation

With “create TransFormation”, KAMPF communicates its active shaping of the path into the digital future at K’ 2019. The aim is to take advantage of new opportunities and exploit potentials to develop new solutions in cooperation with partners, customers and highly qualified employees. The upcoming anniversary year – 100 years of KAMPF – is casting its shadows ahead. Entrepreneurial foresight had a decisive influence on the company’s history. Therefore, the world market leader gives an insight into the future of modern mechanical engineering at the international plastics show.

KAMPF presents numerous new developments in modern design and with new functionalities. The new KAMPF-ConSlitter series will be at the centre of the show presentation. The exhibited ConSlitter convinces by the reduction of downtimes especially for the processing of small batch sizes as well as the increase of the production throughput. The machines of the ConSlitter series offer simplified machine operation, optimum accessibility and integrated safety, combined with a completely new shape and color concept. KAMPF offers coordinated automation solutions for the optimal use of its machines within and in the direct environment of the machines.

Visitors to the KAMPF booth will also experience various application examples based on the integrative platform the@vanced.

The KAMPF Lifecycle Service presents a wide range of new services, which maintain the efficiency and availability of the machines at the highest level – both through personal support and digital solutions.

Hall 3, Booth A92

KAMPF presents at the K’2019 besides the ConSlitter numerous new developments.

Image: The new KAMPF ConSlitter (KAMPF)


KAMPF will present a predictive maintenance application at Hannover Messe

At the PSI Automotive & Industry booth at Hannover Messe, KAMPF will present a predictive maintenance application – based on the integrative platform the@vanced – for the bearing of a winding station. Visitors can experience the data acquisition, supplemented by the KAMPF @dge Unit, and its evaluation and presentation in Hall 7, Stand A24.

Image: (KAMPF) Severin Landwein presents the KAMPF Predictive Maintenance solution at the Hannover Messe.

Severin Landwein presents the KAMPF Predictive Maintenance solution at Hannover Messe.

PSI Framework zur vorrausschauenden Wartung

KAMPF is founder member of „MindSphere World“

(Bild MindSpere World) Die Gründungsmitglieder

Worldwide user organization founded for open IoT platform MindSphere

  • “MindSphere World” launched with 19 founder members
  • Community drives forward global reach of the MindSphere ecosystem
  • German industrial companies found user organization as innovation leaders in industrial cloud solutions

The inaugural meeting took place on 23rd January in Berlin. Dr.-Ing. Donatus Weber, Head of Innovation and Industry 4.0 at KAMPF, will be responsible for the Technology committee of the expanded advisory service of the new association.

Working hand in hand with 18 partner companies, Siemens AG is founding “MindSphere World”, a worldwide user organization for the cloud-based open IoT operating system MindSphere. Its aim is to expand the global reach of the ecosystem based on MindSphere. The organization is also designed to afford support to its individual members in developing and improving IoT solutions on the MindSphere platform and in tapping new markets in the digital economy. This will include suggestions about the requirements placed on the IoT operating system MindSphere by the industry and recommendations on setting out uniform rules for data utilization. Another role of the organization will be to promote science, research, and teaching in the MindSphere environment

“The foundation of MindSphere World represents another major step forward in promoting the ecosystem surrounding MindSphere as an open IoT platform. The broad-based expertise and the offering of all the MindSphere World partners will open up totally new digitalization potential for users everywhere,” said Member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG Klaus Helmrich.

Jan Mrosik, Chair of the Management Board of MindSphere World and CEO of the Siemens Digital Factory Division, added: “By bringing together a worldwide community comprising industrial and IT companies of all sizes from all sectors of industry as well as startups, we aim to establish and drive forward an eco-system based on MindSphere. With this end in mind, the Association members are joining to form MindSphere World – initially in Germany and then extending out into the international arena.”

The members of the organization meet in committees to deal with issues such as the requirements placed on MindSphere by industry, data governance concepts and the Assocation’s PR work. “MindSphere’s open structure offers a wide range of benefits for us as users, in particular due to the manufacturer-independent link-up of machines and plants and also when it comes to the development of apps. Within the framework of MindSphere World, we can now also talk to other users about ways in which disruptive technologies are changing the face of the economy in general, and about the resulting business potential which could be utilized for IoT-based solutions,” said Bruno Geiger, Member of the Management Board of MindSphere World and COO/CTO of Eisenmann.

“Because the development of standards plays a decisive role when it comes to establishing a worldwide ecosystem, the members of MindSphere World will be working together to come up with recommendations for standards in relation to MindSphere-based apps. We’ll also be drawing up suggested solutions for enabling interoperability between different MindSphere-based solutions,” said Andreas Oroszi, Member of the Board of Management of MindSphere World and Senior Vice President Digital Business at Festo.

“As users, we’re all facing similar challenges: These include data governance, in other words managing the accessibility, usability and processing of data, as well as app architecture, and the homogeneous use of MindSphere components. From now on, we’ll be able to play a role in shaping these developments and putting forward the specific expectations we place in MindSphere,” said Michael Haag, Member of the Advisory Board of MindSphere World and Senior Vice President R&D at Kuka.

The founder members of “MindSphere World” alongside Siemens AG include:

·        ASM Assembly Systems GmbH & Co. KG

·        Chiron Group SE

·        Eisenmann SE

·        Festo AG & Co. KG

·        Gebr. Heller Maschinenfabrik GmbH

·        Grob-Werke GmbH & Co. KG

·        Heitec AG

·        Index-Werke GmbH & Co. KG.

·        J. Schmalz GmbH

·        Kampf Schneid- und Wickeltechnik GmbH & Co. KG

·        Kolbus GmbH & Co. KG

·        Kuka Aktiengesellschaft

·        FFG Europe & Americas (MAG IAS GmbH)

·        Nordischer Maschinenbau Rud. Baader GmbH + Co. KG

·        Rittal GmbH & Co. KG

·        Sick AG

·        Trumpf Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH + Co. KG

·        Michael Weinig AG

The inaugural meeting of MindSphere World took place in the recently opened innovative development and work environment “MindSphere OpenSpace”, a part of the new branch of Factory Berlin. Over an office space of more than 13,000 square meters, Factory Berlin – an initiative supported by the German Government, Siemens and other companies – brings established technology companies together with developers and startups. The key focus of the new startup campus is the Internet of Things. On the threshold of the age of digitalization, the “MindSphere OpenSpace” creates ideal conditions for the MindSphere World members and other users such as startups to drive forward the development of apps and digital services and to tap whole new markets.

First Converting 4.0 network meeting fascinated

 On 16.11.2017 the first Converting 4.0 network meeting took place at Kampf Schneid- und Wickeltechnik GmbH & Co. KG in Wiehl. More than 70 visitors from 40 well-known companies dealing with the topic slitting and winding of web-shaped materials as well as specialists from the automation, IT and sensor industries gathered at Wiehl’s main location. In addition, interested visitors of some specialist institutes arrived. The Federal Government communicated the project “Industry 4.0” with the aim of interlinking industrial production with modern information and communication technology. A networking of all systems in the course of the “Industry 4.0 Process” is of central importance for the metal and electrical industry as well as the exporting machine construction industry. KAMPF made this topic a lead theme of its development agenda at a very early stage. The company founded the “Converting 4.0” network. The goal was to create solutions for the digitized processes of the future in interdisciplinary teams – to great success. In spring 2017, KAMPF presented the new product “the@vanced” as the basis for a partner network to map the entire value chain, and the first external network pioneers started together with KAMPF: The absolutely new integrative platform the@vanced received a thoroughly positive market feedback. This software serves as an instrument to increase efficiency, not only of the slitting and winding technology, but of the entire production process. Products or components are networked on this platform, and the data is holistically evaluated and used to initiate appropriate optimization measures.

The first network meeting served to exchange ideas with interested parties, users and experts on digitization and networking. KAMPF wants to inspire more people of innovative companies, to continue the idea of Industry 4.0 together as – so the idea of Converting 4.0 – the networking of systems begins with the networking of people. The evening before the actual event, the “Behind the Scenes” event took place in the assembly hall, where numerous KAMPF employees participated. It was possible to play at the first home computers “Amiga” and “Commodore” in order to recall the beginnings of digitization. The KAMPF apprentices provided their training workshop, the “Wissenswerk”, as a location for the interactive daily program. In addition to the lecture by Professor Dr.-Ing. Christin Brecher, Deputy Director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT with the topic “Networked, Adaptive Production – Today and in the Future”, the following topics were on the agenda:

 “Entry into the digital future”, “Transformation of a medium-sized company”, “Converting 4.0 – Connecting-Innovative-Networks”, and ” Agil-Collaborative-Organization”.

The participants also received detailed information about the integrative platform the@vanced. In the afternoon workshops were offered, the results of which were discussed in a concluding discussion.

The feedback from the participants was consistently positive. The developed thematic memory is well filled and serves to plan other networking events. Since one thing is certain: The Converting 4.0 network continues to grow.

A big thank you to all participants and organizers who contributed to the success of the event.

Pictures (KAMPF