German Business Founder Award for Students

Business concepts

KAMPF-partner schools participating again

Business concepts and theories will be presented by two teams of students from the Waldbröl School at the „German Business Founder Award for Students”. With the support of Kampf experts, these young adults have completed the first of a total of nine challenging tasks. Last year KAMPF tutored one of the teams from Waldbröl. These students came in 6th place out of the 1060 that participated. Due to the successful outcome and great collaboration efforts, Kampf has decided to guide two groups of students for this year. The German Business Founder Award for Students is the largest national business start-up game for young people. It is organized annually by founders Stern, Sparkasse, ZDF and Porsche. In this internet-based competition, student teams (from 16 years of age) transform their ideas into fictitious business concepts including business plans and market strategies. In the end, it may not be the most creative product that wins but the most credible brand that receives the nationwide award.

Image: (Juliane Werner, Deutscher Gründerpreis) Business concepts

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