Paper drinking straws – made on KAMPF machines


One-way articles made of plastics will largely disappear from the market in 2021. This requires a new way of thinking for a large number of products.

One of these products are drinking straws: originally made of straw and now largely made of plastic, they have been increasingly replaced by paper straws for about 2-3 years.

KAMPF already built the first slitter especially for this application for an American customer in 2018 and subsequently fine-tuned how the processes within the machine can be further improved.

The machines are capable to handle slit widths of barely 7.8 mm upwards – which means that sometimes more than 80 webs run side by side.

KAMPF’s ConSlitter series of machines meets the high demands on slitting quality, roll build-up and stability at high running speeds: Today’s Conslit III as well as its successor ConSlitter CHRO BlackLine are equipped with automatic cross-cutting and splicing systems, which not only make working on the machine much easier, but also much more efficient. In addition to several machines already delivered, KAMPF is now building others for international customers..

KAMPF has already delivered many of these machines and is currently building more for international customers.

Here the highly flexible KAMPF ConSlitter processes material for paper drinking straws

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