Seven KAMPF slitting machines for SRF

Image: (KAMPF) f. l. t. r. Amir Rezai (Senior Sales Manager KAMPF), Hari K. Singh (Executive Vice President & Head Global Operations ), Prashant Mehra (President & CEO, Packaging films Business), Lutz Busch (CEO KAMPF), Jai P. Chauhan (Senior Project Manager SRF), Markus Vollmer (Sales Director KAMPF), Ajay Sharma (General Manager Sales Kampf India)

The Indian film manufacturer SRF Limited ordered four KAMPF slitting machines for a new 10.6 m BOPET line in Budapest, Hungary. Two Universal 108/12 slitters and two Unislit 630 machines will be delivered in autumn 2019. SRF has decided to buy KAMPF slitting machines to meet the high quality demands of the European market.

SRF will also receive two Universal 108/12 slitters and one Unislit 630 at the end of 2019 for a new production facility in Thailand. A new 10.6 m BOPET line will be installed here. The plant with a production capacity of around 40,000 tons per year will be built at the existing site in Rayong in eastern Thailand and is scheduled for completion in around two years.

Represented by numerous subsidiaries in four countries, SRF offers a wide range of flexible packaging solutions from food to industrial applications. Equipped with state-of-the-art production facilities, SRF is one of the largest manufacturers of standard and special films made of BOPET and BOPP and exports packaging films to more than 90 countries.


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